Members’ Vettes


Randy’s 1973 454 

Paul & Aimee’s 2004 “Tulsa”

Roger’s 1978 Pace Car

Ron and Noriko’s C7

Russ and Kelly’s 2016 Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic Corvette Stingray Z51

Bill’s 1973 Coupe

Bill and Susan’s 2011 Grand Sport

Richard’s 1976 Corvette Coupe, 4 Speed

Doug’s 2016 Long Beach Red Metallic with Spice Red Package, 3LT, Z51 

2C2BA1F5-7B54-45B2-A76A-C538C9AAAF07Dean’s 2000 Millennium Yellow Convertible

Dean’s 2002 Electron Blue Supercharged Convertible

Dean’s Arctic White 2020 Z51 Stingray

Scott and Lynnette’s LeMans Blue 2004, 24 Hours of LeMans Commemorative 

Derrick’s 1973 C3

Faith’s 2008 C6

Dave’s 1962 “Noon Road Roadster”

Dave’s 2021 Coupe

Shelley and Stephen’s “Big Sugar”

Shelley and Stephen’s Grand Sport

Bill’s 2008 Coupe

Paul and Joani’s 2019 Coupe

Todd’s 1998

Shawn’s 1978 Coupe

Jeff’s 2007 Coupe

Rick’s 2007 Coupe

ron c7Ron’s Torch Red 2014 and Liz’s Corvette Racing Yellow 2017

Ron’s 2021 Torch Red Z51 Coupe

Corvette C4 1986 Indy Pace Car Convertible Alfred RijkersAlfred’s 1986 Indy Pace Car 

1larryLarry and Pam’s 1988 Roadster

gordie vette

Gordie & Marcia’s Monterey Red 2005

Jim & Janna’s 2006 Velocity Yellow Coupe

Paul’s 2019 Grand Sport

Curt’s Quicksilver 2002

Philip’s Arctic White 2007 Convertible

Nick’s 1992 Coupe

Wendy’s 2007 Velocity Yellow Convertible

Rick A’s Cyber Gray Grand Sport

Rick A’s 1967 Convertible

Chris’s LeMans Blue 2005 Coupe

Dan and Denise’s 50th Anniversary Convertible

Bob and Joy’s 1998 Torch Red Coupe

Erik’s 2009 Z06

Arin’s 1995 C4

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